Shabana FC launches initiative to train school games teachers to become good referees

Mr. Jesley Mbegera (in white and blue) during a warm up exercise with Shabana team players Photo By Enock Okong'o

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Shabana Football Club has partnered with Secondary and Primary Schools in Kisii to train teachers in officiating football.

This is in a bid to lift the standards of football in schools.

Shabana FC Chairman Mr. Jesley Mbegera has said teachers should be trained in officiating and coaching so as to be able to nurture sports talents among the learners.

He appealed to heads of schools to send games teachers to his football clinics to enable them to get updated skills on the officiating of football matches.

“If our teachers get trained in refereeing and enforcing the emerging football rules among their players as they grow we shall get refined players from the grassroots to recruit easily.”He said.

The chairman was speaking at Getembe Primary School on Thursday when he opened the football referee’s training for teachers and other interested persons.

The training that targets to train 300 referees in the county will end on Saturday.

“We have already trained 100 referees who will be trainers of the trainees (TOTs) to help us reach our target.” He said.

Stephen Kiama an executive member of Shabana Football Management appealed to parents to identify early talents in their children and alert the teachers for early nurturing.

“Some of these prominent players you see today were identified in the primary schools by their parents and teachers who encouraged them to pursue the sports of their passion.” He said.

Kiama asked teachers and parents not to discourage children from participating in sports because they are part and parcel of the Competency-Based Curriculum.

By Enock Okong’o

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