Several schools in Bondo yet to receive capitation weeks after release

Bondo KNUT Executive Secretary George Ajwang'

Despite an assurance by the Ministry of Education (MoE) that funds have been released to all schools across the country, some schools in Bondo Sub-county are yet to receive their capitation weeks after disbursement.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Bondo branch Executive Secretary George Ajwang’ said they have received complaints from many schools that they are yet to receive their capitation.

Speaking to Education News in his office in Bondo town, the KNUT boss stated that learners are now suffering because almost all schools are affected.

He noted that the majority of lucky schools received only a portion of their due.

Ajwang’ expressed fear that the preparations for end-year examinations are likely to be affected because they have no money to purchase some requirements.

“It’s very unfortunate what’s happening across schools in Bondo. Worse still is the fact that schools even lack resources to procure necessary equipment ahead of the end-year assessments and examinations,” regretted Ajwang.

He revealed that operations in some of the schools are grinding to a near halt and called for the government’s urgent intervention to have the issues addressed before exams begin.

The official laughed off the usual blame by the MoE on NEMIS records, claiming that the delay was intentional to deprive schools of funds.

Ajwang’ suggested that instead of taking that presumptive position, ministry officials should visit such schools to countercheck the facts.

“It is only fair for the government to purpose to visit these schools and witness firsthand the tribulations the learners are forced to contend with instead of sitting pretty in high offices oblivious of the challenges they should be attending to,” he advised.

By Erick Nyayiera 

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