Senator accuses auditors of collecting bribes from schools to clean records

Dr Boni Khalwale, Bungoma Senator. He has said auditors are demanding bribes from schools to give good reports.

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has accused auditors from the Ministry of Education (MoE) of demanding and collecting bribes from schools so as to file clean audit records.

The Senator, speaking in the county, said the officers have been harassing school heads as they ask them for bribes, revealing that a lot of money has exchanged hands.

He said the officers are collecting a lot of money from the schools.

“They are demanding between three hundred thousand and six hundred from schools in the county,” the Senator claimed.

He said school heads should be left to do their work without threats, suggesting that those who are corrupt should be dealt with according to the law.


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The Senator demanded that education authorities should immediately have a meeting with the officers and take action.

“I am putting you madam education director on notice; those auditors must inspect the books for free and return them for free. Those teachers with unclean records will be arrested, and the clean will continue with their work,” he said.

Khalwale said the education officers should do their work or get transferred, hinting that he was behind the transfer of another education officer from the county.

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