SDA Pastor, two others arrested over child trafficking claims

Kisii child trafficking
Kisii County Commander Charles Kases addressing the media. Photo by Elizabeth Angira.

Police in Kisii have apprehended a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) pastor and two other individuals in connection with alleged child trafficking.

The culprits were arrested after residents raised alarm on Thursday night after two men checked in into a hotel with 10 children aged between five and ten years and booked two rooms.

Concerned for the safety of the minors, the police were called to the scene. Subsequently, the two men and the children were apprehended and taken to Kisii Central Police Station.

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that an SDA pastor was connected to the transportation of these children. The pastor was also arrested and is currently being held at the police station pending further investigation.

Kisii County Police Commander Charles Kases confirmed the incident and stated that an investigation has been launched.

He noted that the two men, identified as Marsabit residents, claimed that they were taking the children to an orphanage in Eberege, Kenyenya sub-county for sponsorship.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have traveled to Kenyenya to investigate the orphanage in question and assess the procedures involved in sponsoring the children.

Human Rights activist Thomson Osoro condemned the incident and called upon the police to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure the well-being and safety of the children.

Osoro also emphasized the need for medical examinations to confirm the children’s health.

In response to the allegations, Omobera SDA Conference Chief Pastor James Ondabu denied any involvement of the SDA Church in the sponsorship of the orphanage or the incident itself.

He stated that the church has no plans to establish an orphanage and follows legal procedures in its work.

Ondabu expressed the intention to take legal action against those falsely posing as pastors.

The situation remains under investigation and further details are expected to emerge as law enforcement agencies look into the matter.

By Elizabeth Angira

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