Schools in Kisii kick off sports competitions to select regional team

Cardinal Otunga Mosocho (white) wrestling it out with Nyatieko in basketball.

Schools in Kisii held their basketball, handball and athletics competitions at various venues yesterday, the aim being to select a team to represent the region in higher level competitions.

Sameta Sub-county had their competitions at Rusinga Secondary School, while Kenyenya schools took their sporting duels to Rianyanchabera Secondary School. Gucha South held theirs at Nduru Boys’ High School.

Kisii School and Cardinal Otunga Mosocho hosted Kisii Central and Mosocho Sub-counties respectively.

At Cardinal Otunga Mosocho, the hosts beat Nyatieko 61-4 in basketball and St Patrick Mosocho 26-3 in handball, before walloping St Luke Kanunda 37-7to emerge the Mosocho Sub-county champions.

Nyanchwa Boys High School beat their old rivals Kisii School in handball to seize the Kisii Central Championship title.

Kioge Girls beat their opponent Matieko Mixed in handball.

Kerongori Mixed Secondary School from Kenyenya Sub-county dominated most of the duels as they beat Magena, Igorera and Rianyancuabera to remain the sports Kings. The school principal Dr Peter Nyamoko attributed the success to more investment in sports.

“We support talented students and our teachers towards achieving their passionate aspirations in both academics and sports,” he said.

He lauded the handball and basketball coach Walter Ontweka, whom he said has a long experience in sports that assists students to perform better.

Kisii Central Sports Coordinator Kennedy Okindo appealed to Kisii County Government to finish renovating Gusii Stadium to enable schools to hold their competitions there because it is larger and centralized.

“I ask the county government to be aware that Kisii County will host secondary school national sports and games in August. They should facilitate the event by preparing the stadium adequately,” he said.

Okindo said the competitions will resume after the midterm break that starts at the end of next week.

By Enock Okong’o

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