School principals withholding leavers certificates over fee arrears risk being prosecuted

Ministry of Education Director General D. Elyas Abdi.

The Director General in the Ministry of Education (MoE) Elyas Abdi has warned  all school heads withholding KCSE certificates of learners due to fees arrears to release them immediately or they risk being arrested and prosecuted.

Abdi said it is illegal to withhold the certificates of any learners, and the MoE will not seat on the fence and watch the Principals withholding certificates.

“On behalf of Ministry of Education we want to warn all Principals who withhold KCSE certificates of learners that they risk being arrested and prosecuted in the court of law for denying Kenyan learners a right  to have a KCSE certificates,” said Abdi.

“Every Principal in both public and private schools in Kenya should know that basic education is complete when the child collect a certificate and Principals should ensure all certificates they are withholding should be released immediately to the learners,” said Abdi.

He added that proper channel should be followed before a leaner in boarding school is expelled.


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“If the child cannot be kept in boarding school due to indiscipline, the Principal should link up with Education office so that the child continues with education in a nearby day school while operating from home,” said Abdi.

Abdi who was accompanied by Rift Valley Regional Director of Education Milton Nzioka was speaking during West Pokot Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) conference held in Milele Hotel in Nakuru City this April 8.

While answering questions from West Pokot Principals who complained about shortage of Government text books and set books in their schools, Abdi said the MoE will restructure mode of distributing textbooks whereby distribution will be carried out through the office of Sub County Directors of Education so that all learners in Kenya receive books.

He advised principals, “Use this opportunity to interact with your colleagues and share challenges and experience in order to boost service delivery in your schools.”

By Peter Otuoro

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