School leaver taking responsibility in waste management initiative

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The number of alcohol bottles strewn all over the towns within Baringo County has now reached alarming levels.

In Mogotio township, a recent form four Leaver from Athinai Secondary School has taken the initiative to get rid of used glass bottles from Mogotio township.

“I was inspired by Athinai secondary school where I schooled. The administration always instilled in students the need for them to take responsibility in shaping a better society” Rajab Mustafa, the 2021 Athinai secondary school Alumnus told Education News.

Mustafa is constantly watching with a lot of concern the ongoing dumping of bottles all over the town, roadsides and even the banks of the nearby Molo River.

He has taken the initiative to rid the town of bottles because they not only hurt humans but are a real eyesore.

“Alcohol and wine-selling outlets are the big culprits in here, they cannot manage their refuse”. Rajab said,

He is now sending out an appeal to the wine and alcohol manufacturers to recycle the bottles.

“The alcohol producers should learn recycling just like the Coca-Cola Company.” Mustafa points out.

Meanwhile, Mustafa is leading by example on how to recycle the bottles.

Because of his love for landscaping, he uses the bottles to construct some unique walls.

The secret of the wall is that it illuminates a beautiful light during the sunrise and sunset.

According to Wilson Kiragu, Chairman of an environmental CBO within the Koibatek sub-county, Chemususu Forest has also been converted into a bottle dump site.

Kiragu is lauding Mustafa for coming up with the idea to recycle the bottles but is urging all the stakeholders and especially the scholars to devise modern and scientific ways to manage refuse.

By Jeremiah Chamakany

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