School in Lamu turned into terror attack rescue center

school turned IDP center after terror attack

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Juhudi primary school has been converted into a rescue center for terror attack victims in Lamu West after a resurgence of attacks by Al shabaab.

Fears of fresh attacks from suspected al Shabaab attacks have driven tens of Lamu west residents to flee from Juhudi and Salama villages.

This comes after, 11 people were recently killed by gunmen who ransacked and burnt homes in the two villages.

Amos Kangangi head teacher of Juhudi primary school said the school had turned into an IDP centre in which at least 207 families of about 800 people had sought refuge.

“The swelling number of IDPs poses a challenge to learners and teachers, we are now forced to adjust the school time timetable to accommodate the displaced including their children some of who are our students,’’ the head noted.

To his disgust, the head teacher regretted that some of the displaced folks chew ‘Khat’ and smoke all sorts of substances without caring that they were in a school.

“They need our help, we can’t chase them,’’ said the head teacher who took some five pupils to the Kibaoni dispensary after complaining of stomach problems.

Genesis for human rights commission program director Caleb Ngwena joined the school head in pleading with the state to protect and resettle the IDPs.

By Amoto Ndiewo

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