School heads warned against hiking school fees

National Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Ndindi Nyoro addressing residents. Photo Courtesy.

The chairman of the National Assembly’s Budget Committee Ndindi Nyoro has called upon school heads not to increase fees, citing the substantial allocation of over Ksh840 billion to the education sector in the current budget.

Speaking during a recent visit to Our Lady of Consolata Mugoiri Girls High School, he stressed that timely capitation fund transfers will alleviate financial constraints in schools and help to retain students in school.

He further announced that the government is currently reviewing its fund disbursement system to education institutions to stop delays.

He pointed out that in tertiary institutions, students will only be required to cover a small percentage of their expenses, with the majority being settled by government grants and loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

The legislator said 45,000 students will soon access university and college education without having to pay any tuition fee as the government is committed to fully sponsoring needy students.

He reassured Kenyans that the government is actively taking measures to reduce the cost of living, which will lead to lower prices of essential goods, and urged citizens to remain patient during this process.

By Viola Chepkemoi

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