Scholars to publish book in remembrance of prolific author late Ken Walibora

Kibabii University Vice Chancellor Prof Isaac Odeo addresses Journalists during the event. Photo: Achola Bulimo

Kibabii University Vice Chancellor Prof Isaac Odeo has announced that Kibabii University will partner with Kisii University in publishing a book in remembrance of the veteran  Kiswahili writer late  Ken Walibora.

Speaking at the University during the Ken Walibora inaugural public lecture, Prof Odeo noted that the public lecture is the first one since the death of the novel writer April 10, 2020.

“Ken Walibora was a veteran journalist and writer whose work is still fresh. We are doing this because it is good to celebrate our friends who have achieved the way Walibora did, it also acts as a motivational to other upcoming writers like him,” the VC said.

In addition, Prof Odeo said that the main reason to celebrate and honour the late Walibora is because he delivered lectures at Kibabii University and he was a resident of Bungoma County before he moved to Trans- Nzoia.

Siku Njema written by late Ken Walibora. Photo:courtesy

He emphasized the need to start a section at the University library that will store Walibora’s works. He added that the University will also sponsor two students to pursue a Masters and PhD in writing works.

Prof EMK Senkoro lauded Kibabii University for organising for a public lecture to remember the work that was done by the late Walibora saying that it was not an easy journey for the late Walibora to unite people through his fluent written Kiswahili.

Prof Senkoro called on Kenyans to embrace use of Kiswahili in their daily communication.

By Achola Bulimo Mathews.

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