Sakaja defends Govt for late postponement of schools reopening dates

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja pays fare for the students who were stranded in Central Business District as a result of postponement of schools reopening dates. Photo:courtesy

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has defended the Government’s move to make the offhand directive on the postponement of schools reopening dates.

He noted that there is a high probability that Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ezekiel Machogu also received the instructions at an unprecedented hour.

“You can’t say that the minister did not think it through. Maybe there is information he received at night and it is for the better good. Nobody should ever think that the Government makes a decision with ill motives.  It is just that the information they have we don’t have,” noted Sakaja.

Speaking on Monday in one of the local radio station, Sakaja admitted that the impromptu directive has left many parents and students stranded and he is willing to help some of those affected around the Central Business District. He also called upon the citizens to try to listen and mitigate those factors that might lead students to more harms.


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“I have seen a few photos showing some students who are stranded. So when I leave here I will go and pay for their bus fare for their return home. I will also buy them soda so that they have something to eat,” he said.

He further announced that he will pay return bus fare for stranded students in the capital after the Government postponed the official school opening dates to next week.

The Governor further noted that the food that had already been prepared under the Dishi na County programme will be distributed to camps hosting flood victims.

“There is too much food I even think some of it will be taken to prisons. They are 184,000 plates and those in the camps are 14,000. We have planned the logistics on how that food will be transported even to places where there is need,” he noted.

In a midnight letter, CS Machogu announced that learners, who were expected to begin reporting to school on Monday, April 29, will be expected to report on May 6, 2024.

By Brian Ndigo

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