Ruto promises promotions for over 41, 000 teachers

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President William Ruto /File Photo

Some 41,000 teachers will be promoted as a reward for excellence in teaching and as a motivation for their hard work in the education sector.

This was revealed by President William Ruto who was peaking in Nakuru state house on Wednesday when he hosted the Kenya Music Festival Winner’s.

The head of state said the teachers’ employer, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will promote 5,000 teachers directly and 36,000 teachers indirectly who will reap big in terms of pay as well as benefits.

“We have worked with the TSC so that we can provide incentives to our teachers to bring out their best by making sure those teachers who do well will be promoted,

“This year, we have provided for the promotion of 5,000 teachers directly, and 36,000 teachers will be promoted indirectly,” the President said.

He also revealed that the government has allocated a whooping Ksh 1 billion to TSC to facilitate the promotions.

“We have provided a billion shillings that will go in that direction,” he said.

At the same time, he recommended that the Cabinet Secretary for Education Ezekiel Machogu promote teachers who trained those students who participated in the Kenya Music Festival Winner’s.

“Teachers who have done this phenomenal job by training these young people, writing the scripts and doing exemplary works, should join those to be promoted in this cycle.

“I believe that they deserve that promotion because they have excelled and they have gone beyond their call of duty,” he added.

Consequently, Ruto asked TSC, Teachers Unions and other stakeholders to expedite their negotiations and come up with a solution over the teachers’ pay rise.

The unions and TSC differed when the teachers’ employer proposed a 2.4 per cent salary increment far below the unions’ 30-60 per cent pay rise.

By Vostine Ratemo

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