Residents laud MP for school facelift through NG-CDF


Parents of Riamamg’ata Primary School in Magenche Ward have thanked the area MP Obadiah Barongo and his NG-CDF office for helping them to put a roof on the school classrooms.

The classrooms’ roof was blown off by the wind two months ago and since then the pupils have been taking their lessons in the open.

“The parents made an emergency application to the local CD F office for help and their cry was heard.”According to Mrs. Grace Ondwari NG-CDF official said.

The residents of Bomachoge Borabu Constituency thanked the MP for the initiative but asked him to complete the major stalled projects in some schools.

The headteacher of the school said Sh.20 million issued by the NG-CD will complete the renovation of the two roofs and furnish the classrooms with painted walls and modern desks.

Other schools that have benefitted from the local NG-CDF in the constituency are Riribe Primary School in Bokimonge Ward and Nyambunwa Primary School in Boochi Borabu Ward in which pit latrines were constructed.

The parents singled out Eberege primary school Centre of Excellence, Kenyenya Secondary School Hall, and Kenyenya Primary School Centre of Excellence which have stalled for more than five years.

The residents asked the MP to shelf last year’s voting patterns in the constituency and serve both wards equitably.

They cried foul over Bombaba Ward which they alleged has suffered development retardation because the MP garnered fewer votes from the ward area last year.

By Enock Okong’o

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