Reopening suspended for some schools in Elgeiyo Marakwet owing to damaged bridges

Even as the roads leading to this school are cut off, a few metres from the gate are fast flowing currents that are not easy to cross.

School dates have been slightly adjusted for some schools in Elgeiyo Marakwet County following heavy rains that damaged two bridges connecting schools in Kibargoi Location.

St Augustine Secondary School Principal Julius Missik told Education News that schools have been forced to reopen on Tuesday as plans are underway to seek alternative routes for students to access the school.

“We are targeting to reopen school on Tuesday after lengthy discussion with the board and major stakeholders in the area. It will force our students to trek extra two kilometres as alternative routes are sought as plans are underway to find a long lasting solution to the completely damaged bridge,” said Missik.

One of the bridges that have been swept away by raging floods. Reopening of some schools in Elgeiyo Marakwet has been pushed by a day as a solution is found.

Area chief Bernadine Keitany urged locals to exercise caution during the rainy season especially while attending to young children and the old to avert disasters caused by ravaging floods.

She said some National Youth Service (NYS) personnel have been deployed to build two new bridges linking the institutions, noting that an estimated 70 to 100 households in the area have been affected by the floods.

She called for urgent intervention from the government and non-State actors to provide aid to families whose crops and animals have been swept away by floods.


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By Alfred Kimosop

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