Relief for PLWDs in Kisii as county MP donates mobility equipment

Kisii County Woman Rep Doris Donya donating wheelchairs and tricycle to PLWD.

It was great relief for People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) in Kisii as Woman Representative Doris Donya donated wheelchairs and tricycles, the biggest beneficiaries being children.

This initiative, part of Donya’s “Donya Mission,” arose when residents expressed their needs after her visits across the 45 Wards of the County.

As a result, over 80 wheelchairs and tricycles were issued.

Speaking at Kerina Special School in Bonchari Constituency, Donya emphasized that the initiative is implemented in collaboration with the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

She urged families to stop hiding and mistreating disabled members and to recognize that children with disabilities can also make significant contributions to the world.

Some of the beneficiaries of wheelchairs and tricycles donated by the MP.

“We should not harm them but give them love,” Donya said, encouraging parents to enroll their disabled children in schools with specialists who can support their education.

She highlighted that PLWDs possess amazing talents and deserve love and support.

NGAAF provides innovative solutions and resources to empower individuals and communities, helping them achieve financial independence and prosperity.

“We partner with friends and NGAAF to offer every necessary help to families with people living with disabilities,” Donya said, asking parents to register their disabled children with her office to make it easier to provide assistance.

Businessperson Kevin Aruasa praised the MP’s initiative of supporting vulnerable individuals and asserted that every disabled person should enjoy their human rights, stressing the need to break stereotypes and stigma associated with disabilities.

Aruasa also appealed to leaders to unite in supporting such initiatives.

According to World Health Organization, an estimated 1.3 billion people – about 16 per cent of the global population – currently experience significant disability. This number is increasing due in part to population ageing and an increase in the prevalence of non- communicable diseases.


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By Elizabeth Angira

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