MoE to carry out survey on number of livestock in schools

The Ministry of Education (MoE) under the office of the Principal Secretary is notifying all Sub County Directors of Education of the survey which will be carried out on the identification of livestock resources and enterprises in schools and other educational institutions.

The Sub County Directors are supposed to inform all the institutions under their area of jurisdictions to furnish the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development with information on all their livestock resources and enterprises in the institution.


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The purpose of the survey is to collect data to assist in developing the Kenya Livestock Master Plan.
The team from the State Department for Livestock Development in collaboration with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and Kenya Livestock Research Organisation will collect household livestock resources data to assist in the development of the livestock master plan.

The Kenya livestock master plan aims to provide government policy makers, private investors and development partners with reliable quantitative facts on the current contributions and constraints of the livestock.

And also, the potential of the sector to contribute to the national development objectives and the projections of how better targeted investment livestock can improve economic performance and improve life in the sector.

By Brian Ndigo

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