Rachel Ruto commissions trainees for advanced agricultural training in Israel

First Lady Rachael Ruto on Tuesday commissioned students set to fly to Israel for the 2023 Mashav Agricultural Training Program at State House.

The 11-month practical training will take place at the Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training (AICAT) in Israel.

The First Lady praised the 54-year program noting that it is a product of the strong relationship between Kenya and Israel in line with the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda.

“The successful cooperation between Kenya and Israel has resulted in the exchange of Kenyan trainees in key fields such as security, medicine and agriculture,” she said.

She asked the trainees to ensure they return to Kenya equipped with skills and fresh perspectives which will help contribute to the development of our nation.

Speaking during the send-off ceremony, Deputy Head of Mission of Israel Drova Dorsman Yarkoni said they aspire to have many AICAT Alumni harness their training to be successful in the Kenyan Agriculture sector.

“The goal is to give these young, educated, and skilled individuals a chance to become successful agri-preneurs by providing innovative solutions on food production and food security in Kenya,” Dorsman said.

Principal Secretary of State Department of Crop Development Kello Harsama said the training centre located in Southern Israel in the Arava desert will help the trainees create solutions for agriculture targeting the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) in Kenya, which covers 23 out of the 47 counties in Kenya.

Established in 1963, the Mashav International Agricultural Training Center prides itself on building human capacity and transferring knowledge for the betterment of the agricultural, water management, environmental and rural development sectors.

Notably, Kenya has been making huge steps in setting up training grounds abroad for students where 40 more students are expected to leave the country for Finland to further their studies.

By Thuita Jaswant

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