Protests interfering with smooth learning in schools, MP laments

Nyaribari Masaba MP Dr Daniel Manduku. Photos by Enock Okong'o

Nyaribari Masaba MP Daniel Manduku has asked President William Ruto to take firm control of the country to avert further demonstrations which will affect learning in schools and other businesses across the country.

“This is the time when our children need time to prepare for final examinations in secondary schools. I will be unfair for them studying in this hide and seek environment between the police and the dissatisfied protesting youths,” he said.

                                                                            Senator Richard Onyonka.

He told the President to dissolve Parliament and call for fresh elections.

The MP was speaking at Kitutu Chache South Constituency during the burial of Peter Bogonko, the proprietor of the popular Nyakoe Hotel in Kisii County.

He said that the demonstrations by the Gen Z is a clear manifestation that the public has lost confidence in the Kenya Kwanza government.


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“I appeal to the President to dissolve Parliament as the only panacea of reclaiming the democracy and dignity of this country.”

The meeting was attended by many leaders from both Kisii and Nyamira counties including Kitutu Chache South MP Anthony Kibagendi, Kisii County Senator Richard Onyonka and his Nyamira counterpart Okong’o Omogeni.

Kitutu Chache South MP Anthoney Kibagendi.

The leaders accused President Ruto of corruption and nepotism saying the leaders have syphoned the wealth of this country.

Former Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi asked for tolerance among Kenyans urging them to maintain peace because if the country is plunged into chaos it is usually the women and children who suffer.

Former Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi.

His speech was cut short by heckling mourners when he asked the youth to respect President Ruto’s government because all governments are instituted by God.

The persistent politician warned the public against negative utterances against the government of the day but instead asked them to be perceptive, keen and patriotic in their quest to heal their country.

By Enock Okong’o

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