Professor Simon Gicharu appointed new KICD Chairperson

New KICD Chairperson, Simon Gicharu sharing pleasantries with President William Ruto at a previous function. Photo Courtesy

President William Ruto has appointed Professor Simon Gicharu, the founder of Mt Kenya University (MKU), as the new Chairperson of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), effective from October 13, 2023.

This appointment spans a three-year term, during which Prof. Gicharu will bring his wealth of experience and expertise to the helm of KICD.

Notably, this decision entails the revocation of the appointment of outgoing Chairman, Prof. Elishiba Njambi Kimani, who previously held the position.

The appointed Chairperson’s impact extends beyond Kenya’s borders, with the establishment of an MKU campus in Kigali, Rwanda, standing as a testament to his dedication.

His leadership extends to his role as the former Chairman of the National Association of Private University Owners in Kenya (NAPOK), where he successfully lobbied for the government to revise higher education policies, ultimately resulting in increased university enrolment and smoother transitions from high school to university.

Notably, MKU, under his stewardship, has earned its place as the largest private university in East and Central Africa, both in terms of infrastructure and student enrollment.

Professor Gicharu has also led the Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation as Chairman, showcasing his versatility and ability to excel in different leadership roles.

By James Wakahiu

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