Private hospital engages children to improve their wellbeing

Salma Swaleh, Managing Director The Star Hospital in Kisumu.

A private hospital in Kisumu has embarked on a peer review programme aimed at uplifting the wellbeing of both the girl and boy child in learning institutions in the county.

The Star Hospital Managing Director Salma Swaleh, talking about the programme, said it is aimed at educating learners on the perils of early pregnancies and contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Swaleh said they will be working with teenagers in a number of schools in order to create awareness among learners.

The medic said there is a general belief that teenagers know a lot of things yet that is not the case.

She revealed that they have also been giving out sanitary pads to a number of learning institutions within Kisumu Central.

“Many girls cannot concentrate on learning during their menstrual cycle hence the need to come to their aid,” she said, adding that they have had collaborations with like-minded institutions such as the Kenya Red Cross, The Kenya Wildlife Services, and Zaira Tours towards that end.

She said some of the learning institutions they have so far incorporated include Kisumu Girls High School, Kanyamedha and Angira schools.

Swaleh said they have been telling the learners to avoid early sex in order to stem early pregnancies, adding that they have also been counselling those who have become pregnant with a view to having them go back to school.

“The most important aspect here is telling them to avoid some of these things as a way and means of preventing the pitfalls,” she said.

Besides this flagship objective, the hospital also embarks on a number of other programmes such as tree planting, environmental conservation and medical camps.

Kenya Red Cross chairman in Kisumu County Rashid Hussein said the boy child has been neglected, hence the need to bring them to the level of the girl child.

Fredrick Odiero   

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