Prioritize safety for pre-primary kids; parents, guardians urged

St Mary’s ACK Gatondo Primary School head teacher Mr. Denis Mwangi Ndung’u who is also the County’s chairman of the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association addresses parents and pre-primary graduates at the school.

Parents and guardians have been urged to prioritize the social and physical safety of their pre-primary children about to embark on their two-month long holiday this weekend.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony at St. Mary’s ACK Gatondo Primary School in Nyeri, Denis Mwangi Ndung’u, the head teacher and County chairman of the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association, urged them to be extra vigilant, emphasizing the need to protect these young, innocent, and vulnerable children.

“These young learners, who recently graduated from various schools in the county and are set to move on to grade one, are celebrating their achievements with pomp, certificates, and feasts,” Ndung’u emphasized.

Additionally, he reminded parents that it is essential to monitor their children’s activities, even when playing with neighbours, and to be discerning about the company they keep.

One of the ECDE learner Wayne Nyagah in a jovial mood among colleagues during their graduation to proceed to Grade –One.

The Principal further urged parents to remain involved in their children’s academic development during the break.

“The young learners will be required to undergo interviews before progressing to grade one, making it vital for them to be guided with their homework to keep their academic skills sharp,” he explained.

Acknowledging the vital role of ECDE (Early Childhood Development and Education) teachers in nurturing the children’s skills, Ndung’u also highlighted the need for schools in Embu County to receive support for launching school feeding programs.

“While the ECDE program has achieved success in this area, the availability of adequate kitchen facilities remains a challenge,” he lamented.

By Robert Nyagah

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