Principals overwhelmingly confirm there was cheating in 2023 KCSE

Secondary school Principals at Shelkh Zayed Hall in Mombasa follow proceedings of 47th KESSHA Conference. Photo by Collins Okong'o

Almost a year after protracted controversies, secondary school principals have confirmed that there was cheating in the 2023 KCSE.

In a survey which was conducted by KESSHA to ascertain the facts surrounding the disgraced exams, 96 per cent of the principals confirmed that there was cheating while only 4 per cent denied the existence of any malpractice.

According to the principals, the cheating was aided by compromising exam supervisors and invigilators through corruption and also use of unauthorized materials by the candidates.

They gave the reasons for cheating as pressure from politicians and the community, together with TSC basing promotions on performance, among others.

They’re now recommending that KNEC is treated as an independent body, CCTV cameras to be used in exam rooms, and TSC to shift promotion to holistic development of a student from looking at exam results.


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By Roy Hezron

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