Principals in Kisii, Nyamira tell their success stories

Fred Mogaka, Kisii High School Principal

Kisii High School is headed for glory after successfully defending Nyanza region rugby 15s title at the Term One Games recently held at Kisumu.

They team will now represent the region in Nationals that will hold at Machakos starting April 6.

A walk to the school reveals a lot about the institution’s Seniors Fred Mogaka Principal who is also the Kisii Branch Chairman Kenya Secondary School Sports Association (KSSHA).

The welcoming Principal — who like humming Christian hymns receives you and tells you he has been here for five years — after a success story from catapulting the little known Riokindo High School into an academic giant.

Mr Job Ong’ombe (left) retired Principal,Menyenya High School with his former Student Johnson Nyandika, now an high School teacher.

“We came here for service by adhering to the call of our employer and we set to work with determination and prayers, since then we have seen the might hand of God at work, he says.

The Principal testifies that his has made many strides in the school both in academics and co-curricular activities. He attributes this to teamwork.

According to the school head, he allows the teaching staff, support staff, students and the Board of Management to own school in its daily running instead of monopolising it.


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“For that matter, every one of us here works as a brother’s keeper with the common goal of improving our school in all ways,” he says.

Mogaka is not alone in this world of determination to attract academic excellence in the region.

In the neighbouring Kebirigo High School of Nyamira County is Chief Principal Clement Nyang’acha who walks to the hills in a Mosaic stature to meditate about his school.
A few days after he was transferred from Siaya County to the school, he has transformed it into an academic and sports haven.

Fred Sunda retired Principal Nyanagwa, Sameta Schools and Asumbi TTC.

In the 2023 KCSE, Kebirigo was among the top schools that were rewarded during the recent Education Day in the county for being among the schools that attained a mean score of eight and above.

Both Mogaka and Nyang’acha are following the doorsteps of academic leaders like the retired Senior Principal Fred Leo Sunda who left leadership legacy in Sameta Boys, St John’s Nyamagwa Boys and Asumbi Teachers Training College.

Other unsung great secondary school administrators include Lawrence Makori and his deputy Joel Omagwa, who are on record to have used part of their salaries to revive the standard of education at Kenyenya Secondary which is now a shell of its old image after the duo were transferred from the school unceremoniously on unfounded allegations based on personal vendetta from the community.

Joel Omagwa is the NG-CDF Chairman in the area while the Principal is heading St Peters Nyabigege Secondary School in Nyamira County.

Makori had enabled the school to rise from a mean score of 4.5 in 2022 to 6.8 in 2024.

In 2023 KCSE examinations, 60 out of 140 candidates scored grade C+ and above to enable them gain direct entry to University.

St Peters Nyabigege Secondary School Principal Lawerence Ntabo Nakori.

Makori says that the secret behind the success of any school is cooperation and trust from all stakeholders and harmonious relationship among teachers and students.

“As a leader you have to coordinate your team after gauging their ability and assign them duties according to their capability you guide them to interpret your vision,” he says.

A visit to the home of the retired Principal of Menyenya High School Job Ong’ombe reveals happy vivacious man younger than his age.

In his fruits yard at Matutu Settlement Scheme in Borabu Constituency, the retired Principal narrates his story of academic success with nostalgia.

Saying that teaching is call and noble profession, he urges young Principals to lead their schools with zeal and set examples.

“Actions speak louder than words let out Principals lead by living a positive life if they would like to influence those they lead.”

Other prominent Principals from the region who are legends in the field include Patrick Anyega, and David Motanya, the pioneer Principals of Nyansiongo and Saneta Secondary School and Chief Principal Casiber Maina, the current disciplinarian Principal of Nairobi School.

These are the sung and unsung academic heroes from the region.

By Enock Okong’o

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