Principals: How poor admissions nearly collapsed teachers colleges

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Teacher Training Colleges in the country are currently rising from the ruins of the long period of no admission experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic a situation Kenya Teachers Colleges Principals Association (KTCPA) Chairman Saul Barasa said has continued to deflate the economic abilities of the institutions to date.

Speaking at the Kenya Teachers Colleges Principals Association (KTCPA) Annual Conference in Mombasa, Barasa the situation has further been compounded by slow enrollment at the institutions post Covid-19.

“In the years 2020 and 2021, the world in general and teacher education, in particular, experienced the unprecedented effects of the Covid – 19 pandemic. As we recovered from this situation that requires no explanation, we had to grapple with the effects of the long period of no admission in our institutions, followed by enrollment that was so low, it did not meet the economic threshold,” explained Barasa.

He hailed efforts by Teacher educators he said went out of their way to keep the institutions afloat under near-impossible circumstances.

“Sometimes, even using their own personal resources, to pay a watchman to make sure the College is secure, to pay a gardener to keep the compounds neat among others. These people deserve a commendation of the highest level,” explained the chairman.

While acknowledging the introduction of the Competency-Based Curriculum and the corresponding Competency Based Teacher Education (CBTE) to prepare the teachers required to implement the curriculum, the chair was of the view that it is imperative for teacher educators to be in the right frame of mind as the implementers of the teacher education reforms.

“It is therefore of great value that we are equipped and well informed about the strategic direction that our country is taking for us to provide information that is factual in our institutions and our communities,” pointed out the KTCPA chair adding “…As teacher educators, we embrace the advent of the CBTE and its implications.  We are cognizant of its requirements that are resource intensive.”

So far, according to Barasa, the first cohort of upgraded teachers with a Diploma in Primary Teacher Education totaling 11,000 have graduated.

“These are the first truly CBC-compliant teachers. Another 5000 is proceeding for practicum in September and will be ready to serve in our schools in January 2024,” he said

According to the chair, all TTCs have adopted the new Competency Based Teacher Education Framework(CBTEF) in its entirety.

“We are now working towards developing the 21st-century teacher for the 21st Century child because “Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important” Bill Gates,” the chair stated adding the Matter of those who qualify for DEPTE but are currently in DECTE needs to be resolved urgently and conclusively.

“As teacher trainers, we wish to appreciate the Involvement of teacher educators in re-tooling of teachers. This is indeed a welcome development. The colleges are ready to roll out the in-service Teacher education programmes targeting the teachers who are already in service.”

By Hilton Mwabili

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