Presence of 12 brilliant twins in Nandi School amuse many


Banja Mixed Secondary School in Nandi County is boasting of having admitted 6 pairs of twins in a very rare coincidence.

This happened over a period of time during the form one selection which is always undertaken purely on merit.

This is marked as one of the very rare coincidences, in schools across the country which has attracted many visitors to the school that is located in the little-known, remote village of Terik location in Aldai Constituency, Nandi County

Three of the twin sets are in form four, one in form two and the other one in form one.

They include, Bright Madahana and Britney Mmbone (form four), Collins Kipchirchir and Kelvin Kirui (form four), George Brookes and Oliro Oluli (form four) and Lanssen Kisia and Epstein Kisang (form one), Diana Kirate and Chanty Dalitsu (form two) was seemingly a blessing after putting the school on the list of top academic performers.

The School prides itself in hosting these brilliant twins that have consistently posted excellent results in their exams to the amusement of both teachers and students.

According to the teachers, the twins have become a source of inspiration and admiration to other students since the twelve students each paired in form 1 to form 4 scored over 350 marks in the KCPE examination before they got admitted into the school at different times and years.

The School Principal Robert Korir said the students hail from different families.

Korir added that the school authorities discovered that the twins also scored similar marks and had similar interests in studies.

“I came to this school five years ago when the school had 400 students but the number has increased to 852 students and among them are six twins who are among the brightest students at the school,” Korir stated.

Its bee established that the twins are very disciplined and admirable in character.

“They do best in science subjects and we are looking forward to having many students taking up medicine, Engineering and Law courses in tertiary education through their motivation to other students,” Korir said.

Their lifestyles attracted the liking of more than 851 students and teachers.

In games, it’s been noted that each pair plays similar games.

To enable teachers to tell them apart, the school introduced an admission number tagged on their outfits.

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