Police officer manning KNEC exams arrested for being drunk at work

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A Trans Mara West police officer is in custody for alleged drunkenness while on duty at an examination centre in Transmara.

Transmara East Deputy County Commissioner, David Mpambale, reported that the officer, assigned to oversee the KPSEA and KCPE examinations at Kapsinendet Primary School, was discovered inebriated by the examination centre manager.

Accompanied by the area OCPD, a security officer confiscated the officer’s firearm and ammunition, subsequently escorting him to the Emurua Dikkirr Police station cells.

The officer, still carrying his remaining beer, appeared to be deeply under the influence.

“He was inebriated, and we detained him to sober up before he explains his reckless behaviour while on duty,” stated the police chief.

Mpambale confirmed that another officer was swiftly assigned to guard the examinations, which proceeded without interruption.

In response to the incident, Trans Mara Branch KNUT Executive Secretary Willy Korir criticized the officer’s behaviour, emphasizing the need for exemplary conduct among public officials, setting a standard for the youth.

By Enock Okong’o

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