Parents warned against seeking witch doctors for children’s exam success

Mabolo CCA primary school pupils during the prayers.

Parents preparing their children for this year’s national exams have been strongly advised against resorting to witch doctors for help in improving their kids’ performance.

Addressing grade 6 and class 8 parents during a prayer day at Mabolo CCA Church in Matungu, Kakamega, the headteacher of Mabolo CCA Primary School Pius Makokha sternly rebuked parents who turn to witch doctors and self-proclaimed prophets when national exams draw near.

“This practice, far from assisting, inflicts psychological trauma on the children, ultimately leading to poor academic outcomes,” he emphasized.

The prayer session was presided over by Reverend Enock Musambayi of Mabolo CCA Church.

By Aggrey Buchunju

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