Parents urged to spur children to join scouts movement

Scouts when they celebrated the Founders Day recently. Parents have been urged to inspire their children to join the movement to improve on discipline in schools.

Parents across the country have been urged to encourage their children to join the Scouts Movement as a way of instilling discipline in them at a young age.

A local leader in Matungulu Constituency Abigaeli Sabina said the movement has saved many students from using drugs, among the many issues affecting youth, especially in secondary school.

“I am asking parents and guardians to allow their children to join scouts movement in schools because its aim is to deal with issues like gross indispline and sexual (mis)behaviour to reduce the spread of Aids and drug abuse,” she said yesterday while addressing a leaders forum in  Joska Location.

Sabina also said she was impressed by the leadership skills exhibited by scouts in schools across the country, observing that students who have joined it have taken the responsibility of educating their school mates and this has boosted academic performance.

The scout movement was started in Kenya by Lord and Lady Baden Power in the past century. Growing gradually over the years, it has useful tips for school going children in regard to discipline and other valuable life skills.


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By Gastone Valusi

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