Parents in Siaya support Govt, opposition talks instead of protests


A section of parents in Siaya County has lauded the direction Azimio leaders have taken to dialogue with the government instead of considering demonstrations as a solution.

They said the effects of protests on school children and education at large were adverse and warring factions should desist from the same saying it interferes with learning in most of the schools in the country.

The parents were speaking at Margaret Nyandong’ Academy in Siaya township during a family fun day.

“Learners stand to lose more during protests that’s why we want the issues between the government and the opposition to be solved amicably without any chaos,” said Dr. Atieno Adhiambo Clarie

Dr. Atieno also asked the police to exercise restraint when controlling protesters and desist from lobbing teargas into learning institutions.

“Our children in primary schools don’t have the skills and knowledge on how to react in such situations,” she said.

Mr. Stanley Kosgey, another parent decried the high political tension in the country, saying it has created an emotional disturbance to children.

“The demonstrations are really affecting the children, parents and teachers. There is a need to have a dialogue between the government and the opposition in order to save our country from chaos,” said Kosgey.

Another parent, Gloria Miganda, said the increased tension from previous protests has resulted in some learners and teachers skipping school and this slows down teaching and learning.

She warned that the damage could be long-lasting. Without access to education, children and young people could be prone to abuse and violence.

The opposition has been holding demos to protest against the high cost of living.

Several people were allegedly shot by police and a score of police officers were injured during the demos in the Country.

According to Nancy Juma, a resident of Siaya, the demonstrations have affected women and children.

She said children have gone through a lot of psychological torture as a result of the protests.

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