Parents in Migori ask govt to revive the falling Isebania Boys

A view of Isebania Boys dilapidated roof top. Parents have asked the government to help revive the school through funding.

Parents in Mabera Sub-county in Migori have called for government funding to revive Isebania Boys High School, whose performance in national exams has been nose-diving.

Arguing that the school is one of the oldest institutions in the region, they attributed the free-fall to inconsistent funding from the government.

The concerned parents, led by John Maroa and Jacob Mahiri, told Education News that insecurity in Isebania town was affecting the school, asking the government to strengthen the crackdown of some drug traffickers who lure learners to use the stuff.

Migori County Director of Education Jacob Onyiego during the recent Suna East Stakeholders Education Conference at Migori Teachers Training College.

“If all stakeholders focussed their attention on the school, there is hope of getting back its old academic glory,” Martha Robi, a resident, said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Shadrach Nyamohanga, who said the school has the potential of excelling both academically and in sports.

He remembered when the school used to dominate in the country’s secondary schools soccer competitions and appealed to the sleeping giant to wake up from its slumber and reclaim its rightful position of excellence.

The parents recalled how the school has been a conveyor belt of great mean, citing the late Prof Ezekiel Okemwa who passed through it to hold prestigious positions in society.

A visit to the school reveals a compound littered with old furniture strewn all over with no discernible plan to bring order, with students roaming around like browsing chicken, entering one class and coming out of another.

Entry is checked by dejected gatekeepers, who abjectly go through the daily motions in a rather disinterested and mechanical manner, possibly allowing visitors who might not be up to any good into the institution.

The parents’ concern comes after the County Director of Education (CDE) Jacob Onyiego invited school management committees for meetings to approve projects funded by the Ministry of Education (MoE).


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By Enock Okong’o

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