Parents in Kisii fear for the safety of children due to tension created by police

Police stand guard as they watch out for any disruption of peace by bodabodas in Kisii.

Parents in Kisii Central Sub-county fear for the safety of their children because of the ongoing standoff between the police and bodaboda operators.

The bodaboda operators demand the reopening of their office that was closed by the police over alleged insecurity that was caused by bodaboda officials within Kisii town.

Kisii County Police Commander Charles Keses sensed an impending demonstration by the bodaboda riders on Thursday morning and stationed his security men at strategic points in the town to counter the agitated riders.

The hide and seek drama between the police and the bodaboda went on for a good part of the day and paralyzed transportation of children to and from school.

“My daughter in grade three feared walking to school because the police were everywhere armed with tear gas,” said Anne Nyaboke, a resident.

The major schools affected are those on the outskirts, with entry points to the town centre that include Bobaracho, Nyataro COG Primary and Secondary, Getembe and Nyanchwa Secondary schools being cut off.

A bodaboda passes the Kisii Central Police Station. Tension is high between them and the police over closure of their office in town.

Others are Jogoo, Kari, Nyambera and Daraja Mbili Primary schools.

Kisii County Commissioner Joseph Kibet said that his office will not condone any unlawful activities in the region and asked residents to abide by the law.

He assured parents of the security of their children and asked them to report any cases of mischief to his office for quick legal action.

“We are living in the age of reason; if the bodaboda operators feel aggrieved by any party let them follow the law instead of taking it in their hands,” he said.

By Enock Okong’o

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