Over 600 Kirinyaga JSS teachers threaten to paralyse learning in Term Two

JSS representatives from Kirinyaga County during a presser in Kutus town, today. Photo: Lydia Mugambi

Over 600 Junior Secondary School teachers from Kirinyaga County have joined their colleagues in demanding for Teacher Services Commission (TSC) to heed to the court’s directive.

Speaking on Kutus town, today, May 6, the teachers through their representatives have vowed they are not ready to go back to class as interns.

The JSS chair Edwin Osoro has asked the teachers’ employer to put its house in order saying internship basis is illegal.

“Put your house in order. The court ruled that internship for teachers is illegal,” Osoro told TSC.

He also said that teachers are law abiding Kenyans, who are following the courts directives, thus TSC needs to follow suit.

Kirinyaga teachers through their chair Josephat Kariuki, said that no trainer will go to class when schools open. This will paralyse learning of the new education system.

He also stated that teachers are overworked saying there are graduates from various universities who have only specialised in one subject but have been allocated several subjects under JSS.

“Teachers under JSS are being overworked. Some are graduates handling subjects they never pursued. We have gone an extra mile to search in the Google to have an idea,” Kariuki added.


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They have further urged the TSC to put them in Permanent and Pensionable basis decrying that the Commission is treating them like cleaners or even janitors.

“The government is treating teachers as janitors. We are professionals and TSC employs professionals. Treat us right,” he added.

Emily Mwangi, a teacher in the area, stated that the government is oppressing them by subjecting them to mental torture since the pay isn’t good. She added that they are supposed to be treated as qualified professionals.

“Like me, I want to start a family and its becoming unbearable. I’m being told that I’m hiding money, when I try to explain to them that the pay isn’t good no one is taking me seriously,” said Mwangi.

They accuse the National Police Service for denying them permit to hold demonstrations on grounds that there are floods saying they were not holding the meetings in flooded areas or in the river.

“We were denied permit by the police on grounds that we cannot hold our demonstrations due to floods. We were not planning to hold our meeting in a river or flooded places,” Kariuki added.

By Jane Mugambi

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