Over 500 ECDE teachers secure permanent employment in Kisii

Kisii County governor, Simba Arati addresses ECDE teachers at Gusii stadium yestrday after 536 who were contracted were confirmed on Permanent and Pensionable terms.

More than 500 ECDE teachers have secured permanent, pensionable positions, ending a decade of contractual uncertainties in Kisii County.

Speaking during a meeting with the teachers at Gusii stadium, Governor Simba Arati directed the County Public Service Board to issue employment letters, emphasizing the motivation this move would bring.

Under the governor’s directive, teachers aged 45 and above would receive contracts until reaching 60, qualifying for a 31% gratuity for each year worked.

Expressing gratitude for their dedication despite meager pay, Arati lauded the teachers during a meeting at Gusii Stadium.

He noted that the overdue employment aimed to recognize and reward the ECDE teachers.

Additionally, he pledged to gift three retiring teachers with cows to enhance their post-retirement life.

Acknowledging the teachers’ sacrifices, the governor highlighted county initiatives, including road construction to schools and new ECDE classrooms to facilitate access and improve learning conditions.

In a separate development, five Kisii County Assembly members commended the government for raising the Ward bursary fund from Ksh. 135 million to Ksh. 225 million.

The Finance and Appropriation Committee chairman, Peter Otachi, outlined that each of the 45 wards would now receive Ksh. 5 million, up from Ksh. 3 million, benefiting secondary school and Vocational Training Centre students.

Otachi emphasized the expansion of bursary coverage to VTC learners, a notable shift from the previous focus solely on secondary education.

The increased funds, already factored into the 2023/24 financial year, were seen as a positive step towards supporting deserving students in their pursuit of education.

Also in attendance was the Education and Manpower Development Executive Committee member Daniel Ondabu and County Assembly Education Committee chairman Victor Ombasa.

By Emmanuel Gwakoi

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