Orphan gets crucial sponsorship to join Oloolaiser Boys

Oloolaiser High School Chief Principal James Mungai who ensured that the boy was first admitted before any further assistance could be sought.

An orphan from Kajiado County has received sponsorship from well-wishers after he failed to report to school for lack of school fees.

When he scored 375 marks in the 2023 KCPE, it was instant celebration for the young Amos Ntoyian from Magadi Ward. But soon reality would dawn on him when he received an admission letter to Oloolaiser Boys High School – he had no one to pay his school fees.

Then fortune came calling when Affecto Foundation appeared in his time of need. One of founders Ndungu Nyoro, upon getting wind of his situation, brought it to the attention of a teacher at Oloolaiser, who promptly informed the principal James Mungai.

Mungai immediately ordered his enrollment while exploring ways to provide additional support.

The orphaned boy Amos Ntoyian with a relative. He has received sponsorship from well-wishers to join Oloolaiser High School.

Back to his troubled childhood, under the care of his grandmother, Ntoyian had learned of the death of his mother through her at an early age. The torrents of bad luck did not stop there as his grandmother also passed on years later and the boy moved to live with his uncle.

During his grandmother’s burial, a Kajiado leader pledged to support his education, but this commitment was just populist as it did not materialize.

Two well-wishers have now offered to cover all school admission costs and fees for two years, one of them being the partner at Affecto Foundation’s Watoto Wasome Ministry.

Luckily, the boy has also been enrolled in Affecto Cohort 8 to benefit from their mentorship programmes that aim to nurture potential of young people.

Affecto Foundation’ goals is to assist academically able students from poor families and disadvantaged communities to access education by providing scholarships and other opportunities at the secondary school and tertiary levels.

By Obegi Malack                                                               


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