OPINION: These are the career pitfalls and pratfalls students should shun

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Victor Ochieng'

A pitfall is a hidden danger or difficulty, a trap. A pratfall on the other hand is an embarrassing fall on the bottoms. Students in high school have crucial chances to pursue careers of choice.

To be tick about it, they need knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Knowledge is the acquisition of facts. Understanding is the interpretation of facts. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge.

Therefore, students should shun career pitfalls and pratfalls by acknowledging that choosing careers is not a simple exercise. They should shun choosing careers carelessly and choose them only after doing proper research. Choosing careers based on rumours can beckon future guilt and regret.

It is bad to choose careers based on the whims of peer pressure as bad choices have a boomerang effect. They come back to hit one without a tinge of clemency.

Likewise, it is utterly wrong to think that some careers make people poor, while others make people rich. For in the whole scheme of things, it all depends on how people have positioned themselves in the dynamic world of work.

It is misguided to believe that some careers lack employment opportunities. Somehow, career choices and job acquisition are like the two sides of the coin. Getting employment that brings enjoyment requires comely combination of stupendous skills such as hard skills, soft skills, transferable skills, employability skills, people skills, 21st century skills and life skills.

Moreover, it is bad for children to think that their parents should choose careers on their behalf. Or to believe that some careers flow in the blood. It is misguided to believe that formal employment is a curse. For in a tome titled Cash-flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki pens that people choose different paths in life. Like employment, self-employment, business and investment.

Consequently, students find themselves in horrible holes when they fail to consult widely, or when they decide to look beyond the best career list.

Some students fail to search and research hence they follow others while blind like bats. It is a pitfall to select the most competitive courses in all the choices. It is wrong to leave some choices blank or choose courses whose subject requirements you do not meet. It is wrong to fail to apply for courses as spelt out by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

In addition, students goof when they do not engage in the first and second revision of courses. Others fail to provide the correct contact or select only one course in one institution.

Finally, it is a trap to think that talent is more important than formal education. Education and talents are like conjugates in marriage. They complement each other. It is wrong to be money-minded while choosing careers. Approach careers from a service point of view, for no one has ever served both divinity and humanity whole-heartedly but died poor. Meaning, serious service delivery attracts moolah.

By Victor Ochieng’

The writer guides students on career choices. vochieng.90@gmail.com


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