Old women join digital adult literacy classes in Baringo


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Old women join digital adult literacy classes in Baringo

Several old women in Baringo County have enrolled for adult digital computer classes in order to improve their literacy levels.

The determined elderly Women have joined the youth for digital classes at an Information and communications technology (ICT) center in Baringo County.

 The grannies who specialize in creating beaded wares say the classes will enable them to expand their markets far and wide.

Elizabeth Lengeiyo a resident of Baringo is one among the group of aged women attending digital classes, who have been attracted by the digital world.

“Since everything nowadays is being sold online, gaining digital skills will help us sell our wares online,” said Lengeiyo.

Baringo County Governor Benjamin Cheboi applauded the old women adding that traditions have generated income in the county through their beadwork.

“Financial transactions will now be made easier after making their sales online and they will have the ability to transact money independently without relying on others who could possibly take advantage of them,” he said.

The ICT Director in Baringo Gideon Tirok said it was important for women to be tech-savvy in the ever-evolving world and that the training will go a long way in improving sales of their products and services online, thereby improving development.

Other grannies attending the digital classes said they were glad to have been receiving the training adding that having an online presence would enable them to be noticed, get opportunities, and as well market their beadwork.

By Thuita Jaswant

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