Nyumba Kumi groups decry rising number of loitering children in Kisii

A section of an aerial view of Kisii town. Photo Courtesy.

Nyumba Kumi groups in Bonchari Constituency have expressed concern over the increasing number of unsupervised children wandering in Kisii town.

Addressing the issue on Friday, the Chairman of Nyumba Kumi Andrew Ombati identified pool game centers as major attractions for the children.

Ombati further criticized pool owners for permitting students to engage in these activities and called upon the police to apprehend and prosecute them.

He emphasized the link between increased theft of bananas, hens, and household items, as youths sell stolen goods to fund their involvement in pool games and purchase inexpensive alcohol.

“We have plans to apprehend and interrogate the young boys and girls involved, aiming to uncover the adults supporting and enticing them into illicit activities,” the Chairman revealed.

He urged local Chiefs and their assistants to collaborate swiftly with his team to curb this trend.

Highlighting the risk of idleness during the extended holiday, Ombati urged parents, teachers, and churches to devise programs that keep children occupied, protecting them from destructive behaviors.

“Blaming parental neglect, we fear the youngsters are susceptible to negative influences, particularly drug abuse fostered by peer pressure,” he stated.

A concerned parent, Mary Nyaboke, attributed her daughter’s unfortunate incident of rape to the lack of holiday tuition, urging the Ministry of Education to reconsider the ban and provide constructive engagement for students.

She specifically called on Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to lift the ban, emphasizing its role in preventing idleness among students.

By Enock Okong’o

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