Nyamira leaders differ on location of proposed University

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Nyamira County Governor Amos Nyaribo.

Nyamira County leaders are in disagreement over the location where the new proposed university will be constructed, with four MPs across the county proposing different sites.

Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo proposed that the university be put up in Manga Sengera, while his colleague Steve Mogaka (West Mugirango) sought Senator Kebaso Secondary School to be converted to house the varsity.

North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko proposed to have the university located at Kiamogake while Borabu MP Patrick Osero pushed for it to be constructed in the Nyansiongo area.

Governor Amos Nyaribo acknowledged the different opinions, noting that he will call for a meeting to find an appropriate solution.

Nyaribo promised that all stakeholders will be involved in identifying a proper site for the university, bearing in mind that the size of land and location will be the main factors to be considered.

This is not the first time the leaders have had differing opinions on the location of a new university in the county.

Between 2015 and 2017, talks of putting up a university in the county went up in smoke after they failed to reach an agreement on the location, despite the University of Eldoret spending more than Ksh200 million in feasibility studies.

By Obegi Malack

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