No HELB loans for under 18 students, its criminal, CEO says


The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) CEO Charles Ringera, has ruled out underage students acquiring loans.

Such students will have their loans reserved till their majority age, he said.

“In other words, learners enrolling in tertiary institutions with birth certificates will only be legible for scholarships, from the University Funding Program before the deadline on August 27th,” clarified Ringera

He added that, the restriction applies to students who sat for their KSCE exams in 2022 at their minority age i.e. before turning 18 years of age.

Quoting the law of contract, the CEO said, ” You cannot enter into any agreement with a minor.”

Furthermore, the CEO noted that before students are gifted scholarships and loans, they must undergo mandatory training in financial management.

“The government has put down measures in place to ensure funds are available to sustain funding of the new model,” said the HELB Chief.

He further said that this year the government has set aside Sh 23 billion towards financing the new jolly contingent, with Sh 8.7 billion being reserved for  continuing students in Universities and TVETS.’’

According to informed sources, while the university funding is worth Sh 19.6 billion, this underage rule will affect over 2,000 students who sat for their 2022 KCSE in minority age.

However, wondering about the illegibility of the underage students, Mohamed Abdi, wondered how the needy ones will make do, given their unlimited vulnerability.

By Amoto Ndiewo

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