Night guard arrested over theft at Nguluni AIC Primary School in Matungulu

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A night guard has been arrested in connection with the robbery that took place at Nguluni AIC Primary School in Matungulu sub County of Machakos County.

Serah Mutua, Nguluni location chief told Education News that armed thieves broke into the school and made away with a laptop and a projector among other things.

She noted that the watchman was arrested and taken into police custody to help in the investigations because his statement was not consistent and may be of help in the investigation.

“We took away the watchman and he is currently held at Nguluni police station, he has to explain where he was when the thieves broke in because he came to the school at the same time with us.

He also lied to us that his phone had been taken by the police but later we found out he had his phone with him,” said the chief.

She said the thieves then proceeded to Kithuani secondary school and broke into the principal’s office.

They however did not steal anything from the school.

The administrator urged locals to provide any information that may lead to the arrest of the gangsters targeting electronics in schools.

Last week Kyamulendu high school was also broken into and several items were stolen including CCTV cameras and food.

Two nightguards were also seriously injured in the incident.

By Agnes Orang’o

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