Ngong pastor handed 70 years jail term for defiling minors

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A man who defiled two minors 11 years ago in Ngong Kajiado County has been sentenced to 70 years in prison.

In a ruling by Milimani principal magistrate Caroline Njagi on Tuesday, the man will serve 50 years in jail on count one and 20 years on count two.

The court ordered for the sentences to run concurrently therefore bringing his jail term to 50 years.

James Njuguna who claims to be a pastor was found guilty of defiling the minors aged 11 and 14 while using religious connotations and manipulations.

The children were among his congregants at his church and he misused God’s name to repeatedly defile them.

The magistrate said evidence presented in court proved the case against the pastor beyond reasonable doubt

In his defense the pastor sited having issues of mental illness.

But the magistrate said the prosecution proved their case to the required standard as against the accused person

“In the circumstances, it is my finding that the prosecution evidence in this regard is watertight on counts 1 and 2 herein.

I find that the two minors were truthful witnesses and their evidence was corroborated by medical evidence,” the magistrate stated.

Njuguna faced two counts of defilement and two counts of committing indecent acts with minors in Bondeni area, Kajiado North sub-county.

The incident happened between December 2014 and January 7, 2015.

International Criminal Justice Mission represented the victims.

The first victim underage boy told the court that during the school holiday, Njuguna invited him alongside other two boys to his house and they slept in one of the bedrooms.

When Njuguna’s wife left to work the following day, the accused defiled the boy telling him his private parts had anointed oil from God. He did the act repeatedly.

Another victim a young girl told court that they were invited to Njuguna’s church known as First Born of the Holy Spirit.

He gave her olive oil and instructed them to drink it and apply it to their faces, the man then asked them to recite the Lord’s prayer seven times.

The man was nailed after the girl got pregnant, DNA results confirmed him 99.9 per cent to be the father of the baby.

By Obegi Malack

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