Ng’iya Girls@100: August centenary plans gather pace as alumni line up sturdy gift

Ng’iya Girls National School Chief Principal Hellen Juma. Photo: Erick Nyayiera

Preparations for centenary celebrations for Kenya’s indomitable academic giants Ng’iya Girls National School are in top gear, which will be marked in August this year.

The institution has lined up a series of events, including the centenary luncheon at the school, and an inaugural lecture this Friday 7, 2024 as a precursor to the main function.

Chief Principal Hellen Juma is confident that the trajectory the school is taking continues to bear fruit, and that all efforts are pointed at ensuring the academic pitfalls of the learners are addressed.

The book store acting as library for decades at Ng’iya Girls National School

“As we look forward to the centenary celebrations, we are proud of our achievements as a national school in this region. We have been an epitome of academic excellence and we continue to insist that the students are well attended to for quality outcomes,” she stated.

The Chief Principal acknowledged the enormous support from the Ministry of Education (MoE), TSC, the sponsor church (ACK), and area NGCDF led by Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi for the infrastructural support, among other key stakeholders.

Teachers of Ng’iya Girls National School.

“We are seeking support from our stakeholders towards having a concrete fence around our school, purchasing a school bus and giving a facelift to other school facilities,” she remarked.

Alumni’s Green Library       

To mark the centenary celebrations, the alumni association has resolved to mobilize resources towards the construction of a Ksh200 million ultra-modern library with a capacity of 3,000 students.

This implies that all students can fit in at one sitting and there still will be some extra space.

Led by one Dorothy Abonyo, an Architect of international repute, the group saw the need to gift their school a library as the students are currently cramped up in a bookstore.


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“It’s regrettable that over 40 years down the line, we still have a school without a library and that the school has been using a book store as a library. This is very sad since it’s the only national school in Kenya without a library, even with a population of 2586 students. This is why we have resolved to come together and give back to our school,” noted Abonyo.

She left Ng’iya Girls in 1981 after completing her ‘O’ levels to go to Alliance Girls for her ‘A’ levels. She is among the over 360 alumni taking the lead in ensuring the Green Library becomes a reality.

She appealed to the alumni to consider pooling resources to ensure their dream comes to fruition.

“The big question to the thousands of old students who are in diverse careers is: What are you doing for Ng’iya Girls to help it become better? Let us come together and pool resources and help our school get a modern library. This is the mark we can all leave,” she added.

Atieno Otieno, an advocate, noted that for the effectiveness of the fundraising campaign for the library, they have allowed everyone to join small groups that they wish to belong to because the numbers are overwhelming.

“The aim is to have as many members contributing towards the cause as possible. They could group themselves depending on the years they were in school and still work together for the main cause. What is evident is that Ng’iya Girls taught us hard work, discipline and team work. These values will live with us forever,” said Otieno.

The schools has produced outstanding people in the society.

Besides the overwhelming numbers, there are also some luminaries who trace their roots to Ng’iya; the likes of Phoebe Asiyo, Grace Ogot, and Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch (ICC), among others.

By Erick Nyayiera

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