New strategy to equip students with business skills while in school

Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Country Head Dr Roselyn Marandu-Kareithi.

Education stakeholders have come up with a collaborative effort to instill early business skills among secondary school students in a bid to break the culture of creating job-seekers.

A workshop organized by Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge Kenya at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has brought together key education players to collaborate and enrich high school learners with knowledge on business.

The session, led by Dr. Roselyn Marandu-Kareithi, the Kenya Country head of Wavumbuzi, marked a significant step in developing learners with problem-solving skills rather than creating job-seekers.

Dr. Kareithi emphasized the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset, envisioning a future where high school students understand entrepreneurship as a viable option beyond traditional employment.

“The Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge is an annual six-week online program designed to develop the entrepreneurial aspirations of secondary school learners across Kenya,” she stated.

Dr. Kareithi additionally noted that through challenges and activities, students engage with community issues, think critically, and propose solutions.

She highlighted the collaborative efforts between Wavumbuzi and key stakeholders, underscoring the government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and financial literacy among learners.

Dr. Kareithi further emphasized the program’s long-term vision of preparing learners to be problem solvers, value creators, and job creators rather than job seekers.

“The initiative, known for its “Quests” – thematic areas in emerging fields of the future – aims to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and aspiration among high school learners nationwide,” she stated.

Dr. Kareithi acknowledged the significant growth of the program, with a notable increase in participating schools and learners, attributing the success to a partnership with the Ministry of Education.

The Program Manager Njoki Riguga outlined plans for the next edition, including learners engaging in service learning activities to practically address societal problems.

She stressed the program’s role in complementing the curriculum and government initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship.

“Wavumbuzi aims to build the entrepreneurial aspirations of one million young people in Eastern Africa by 2030,” Riguna underscored.

She further urged other schools to participate, citing the program’s alignment with both the curriculum and the government’s goal of fostering entrepreneurship.

The workshop delved into the Wavumbuzi Club structure and goals, integrating real-world challenges into the learning process, and outlining a road map for the program’s next steps and strategies.

By Kamau Njoroge

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