New salary JSS intern teachers will earn from July 1

JSS intern teachers in a recent demonstration.

The 26, 000 Junior Secondary School (JSS) intern teachers who will be confirmed into Permanent and Pensionable terms (PnP) by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) by July 1, 2024 will receive an increment of salaries.

The interns have been conducting demos for the last three weeks since the schools reopened for second term lamenting of poor pay of KSh20, 000 for Junior School while those in lower primary KSh15, 000 with no allowances will be laughing to the banks to collect improved cheques.

Degree and diploma holders once confirmed on PnP will start at job Group C2, equivalent to a senior teacher at the primary school level.

The salary for Job Group C2 as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2024/2025 which will be effective from July 1, 2024 oscillates around KSh38, 286 to a maximum of KSh47, 858.


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Newly employed teacher will start at KSh38, 286 and the salary will be increased automatically after three years.

In terms of allowances, C2 teachers living in Nairobi are entitled a housing allowance of KSh16, 500.

Those in major municipalities will get KSh12, 800, while those in minor municipalities will get KSh9, 600 as those in other areas get a housing allowance of KSh7, 500.

C2 teachers are also entitled to a KSh6, 000 annual leave allowance paid once as well as a commuter allowance of KSh4, 000.

Those working in hardship areas are also entitled to a hardship allowance of KSh10, 900.

Besides that, the teacher will benefit from the health insurance scheme provided by their employer.

By Vostine Ratemo

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