Needy girls to access education courtesy of Bunyore girls’ alumni

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In a bid to ensure that the girl child education is catered for,  members of the Bunyore Girls alumni have embarked on aiding needy and vulnerable students to complete their education.

Through their patron and retired Principal Mrs. Were, the group consisting of 85 former students who sat for their exams in 1985, has been making a positive impact in many lives of the students through their committed support that has seen many students finish school through their tireless efforts.

Speaking in Shirugu Mugai, the group’s spokesperson and principal of Matunda Salvation Army in Likuyani sub-county, Mary Luvanda stated that as a group they had decided to extend their good gesture beyond the classroom to families gatherings such as weddings, graduations, and even funerals to be able to stand with each other in both happy and sad times.

“We left school 35 years ago and as the girls of our former principal Mrs. Were who is our patron we decide to start a group due to the high number of girls, we sought to create our class of 85 which consists of the same number of us comprising of the western caucus.

It has been a success as far as supporting education and family matters is concerned as we have been able to bring back smiles on many girls’ faces through our support.

We always chip in school fees and also the provision of sanitary towels to girls in various schools to enable them to stay in class and compete favorably with the boy child.

Provision of these essential toiletries has been a major cause of girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy as well as performing dismally in class due to missing out on some lessons when undergoing the cycle.

But with the availability of these items, they will be able to continue with their education without breaking off and this has seen the number of girls scoring quality grades improving over the years.” She said

The group that has a noticeable number of teachers including principals and head teachers further offers guiding and counseling services to the students.

“As the Western region caucus we are united and we also visit each other families as part of unifying and strengthening our bonding, spiritual nourishment, and support various functions and this has branded us a very formidable force to reckon with as we are a living testimony to the saying “united we stand divide we fall”. She added

On her part, Mrs. Were confirmed that she was behind the giving back to society initiative and its success which she attributes to good education standards set by the school that has seen her girls prosper in various fields and become persons of substance in society.

“I stand here today as the leader of the majority in giving back to the society and as they say behind every successful man there is a woman but remember there is also a successful mother-in-law and you can see for yourselves how these girls are shining here today.

We as mothers, have stood with our daughters in law and this is how far the Lord has taken us and we thank him as he continues to grant us the strength to support our young girls to become better people in the coming future”

She called o the leaders to give education first-hand priority and more so the girl child as they were key to a better society and country at large.

By Andanje Wakhungu

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