Nandi East, Tindiret Knut women’s caucus was timely

A section of KNUT delegates during the official opening of their three-day 63rd KNUT Annual Delegates Conference at Moi International Sports Complex, Kasarani in Nairobi last year.

An analysis of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) clauses reveals that one of its key objectives is to promote programmes aimed at improving teachers’ welfare or their socio-economic economic status. Teachers’ welfare at school and home is very imperative as it contributes to their stamina in undertaking school activities.

The same is true for economically empowered teachers. Knut Nandi East/Tindiret branch on March 22 organised a well-attended lady teachers’ caucus with the following themes; “Sensitisation on gender based violence”, “Teacher Induction Mentorship and Coaching programme” and “Economic empowerment in the present time”.

The workshop generated a remarkable success as the union was in a position to bring on board experts in the three areas that were of great concern to the female gender. The caucus was convened at a time when the teaching profession is facing an escalation of gender based violence targeted towards lady teachers in the country.

The branch has not been spared either of the menace. Lady teachers were taken through ways of how they can read signs, what amounts to gender based violence and the actions they can take in case of an occurrence.

Teacher Induction Mentorship and Coaching (TIMEC) programme was facilitated with a view of bringing on board new lady teachers to the profession. TIMEC initiative was rolled out by the TSC aimed at ensuring teachers complies with the provisions of the Code of Regulation for Teachers (CORT) and Code of Conduct and Ethics (COCE) hence improved teacher professional conduct and performance.

It also goes ahead to support teachers to avert professional misconduct with a view to bolster teacher retention in the teaching service.


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The union (Nandi East/Tindiret) aimed at equipping its lady members with knowledge on how to embrace the profession and escape the rising cases where most of their colleagues exit teaching at an alarming rate due to professional misconduct.

To wrap up the convention were the experts on economic empowerment. The union felt that one of the recipes for gender based violence was financial issues among the couples. There were, at past, reported cases where employed female teachers faced domestic violence from their husbands who wanted control over their salaries. Prevailing economic slowdown has in one way or the other impacted on mental wellness of the teachers.

The female cohort is mostly affected as they cannot socialise and share their experiences best like their male counterparts.

In view of this, the Nandi East/Tindiret Knut branch organised lady teachers’ caucus at an opportune time. It is the clarion call to other sister branches to follow suit and also organise for the male caucus. Male teachers have their share of challenges that need to be decapitated.

By Joseph Kiptoo

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