Mwala DCC decries poor performance in exams in the sub-county

Mwala DCC David Tegutwa speaking at a past event. He is concerned for the poor performance in national exams in the sub-county last year.

Mwala Sub-county Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) David Tegutwa has asked education stakeholders in the sub-county to do their best to post better results this year.

Speaking in Mwala, Tegutwa expressed concerns over the poor results in the sub-county last year, noting that if the discussion is not brought to the table, things will continue to be bad.

He disclosed that the sub-county recorded a negative deviation in both the primary and secondary school national exams.

“In both KCPE and KCSE results last year we recorded a negative deviation across all schools, which is not very good. We have schools that did well like one that recorded a positive deviation of 53, which is quite commendable while others had a negative 43 deviation, which is worrying,” said Tegutwa.

Tegutwa observed that the main contributing factor to the failure is inadequate teachers.

“When they are posted to our schools, after some time they transfer and that leaves us with a question; why are teachers running away from us, including those born and bred in this county? This means there could be issues that are beyond us and that calls for interventions to know what is ailing us and address the underlying problems,” he said.

By Agnes Orang’o

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