MPs visit Ndindi Nyoro constituency to benchmark on education projects


More than 50 MPs in the past six months have visited Kiharu constituency led by MP, Ndindi Nyoro to borrow from its exemplary work in proper utilization of NG-CDF funds in education projects.

Kiharu constituency has been hosting NG CDF committees from various counties coming to learn more on effective utilization of labour contracting model used in improvement of the learning institutions.  which is less expensive with the community owning the projects.

On Thursday, 12 MPs  from Northern Kenya, Eastern, Central and Rift Valley pitched camp at Nyakihai primary  school in Gaturi ward  which is one of the 10 institutions that NG CDF  is a pilot programme on installation of carbos and landscaping.

Ndindi told the MPs  among them Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika), Edward Muriu (Gatanga) and Yakub  Dubow ( Bura) that the labour contracting model has been used in Kiharu in tiling and renovating all the 112 primary schools.

The MPs also learnt on Kiharu Masomo Bora programme,  where a student in day secondary  school pays Sh 1,000 per term with NG CDF providing them with food alongside educational materials.

“ I will embark on data collection once the schools open  to ensure we roll out  the Masomo programme in Bura constituency,” said Yakub.

Thika MP on her part said  she will also copy the programme  to enroll all the day schools  in support of improved education standards.

“Thika constituency is one of the areas with high enrollment in day schools and would be wise  to initiate a similar programme to benefit more learners,” said Ng’ang’a.

Kipipiri MP Wanjiku Muhia said she has already  rolled out tiling of the classroom in primary schools, through the labour contracting model, and was eager to learn on implementation of the Mosomo Bora Programme concept.

“ Have been severally to Kiharu accompanied by the NG CDF committee  for the purpose of learning on how to improve the living standard of the electorate,” said Wanjiku.

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