MP wants private parts of men who impregnate school girls chopped off

SCHOOL Teen-Pregnancy

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Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa is set to present a bill in parliament seeking to introduce tough law against those impregnating school girls.

Barasa’s move comes after an outcry from the region’s women leaders, school heads, Non- governmental organizations (NGO’s), the ministry of health, ministry of education and lobby groups that there are high numbers of teenage pregnancies recorded in Bungoma.

Addressing Journalists on Saturday, MP Barasa said that it is very annoying for Bungoma to appear on top of other counties that register high numbers of teen pregnancies and gender-based violence cases.

“I’m very annoyed with how teenage pregnancy cases are going up day by day in Bungoma, on Monday I’m going to propose a bill in the parliament so that my colleagues can second it to become a law,” he said.

The vocal MP noted that if the law passed, it will help protect the girls who are in school.

The legislator regretted that even after the perpetrators are arrested and served their jail term, they still come back to the society and repeat the same thing.

“My bill suggests that if a man is found to have impregnated a school girl, his private parts are cut off so that he becomes nonfunctional forever,” he said.

On his part, Kanduyi MP John Makali told the Education News that he will support MP Barasa’s bill.

Barasa pointed out that the MP’s have also come up with a law directing protesters to host demonstrations away from learning institutions and hospitals noting that during the Azimio protests many schools were forced to shut down.

“These Azimio demonstrations have really caused destruction in schools, that is why we have developed a law to bar protesters from hosting demos near schools,” he said.

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