MP criticizes TSC for relinquishing its role to politicians

Seme MP Dr. James Nyikal addressing the press

The Member of Parliament (MP) of Seme Dr. James Nyikal has strongly criticized the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for relinquishing its recruitment responsibilities to politicians, raising concerns about potential nepotism and favoritism.

Speaking in his constituency, Dr. Nyikal particularly highlighted the disruptive nature of government policies, pointing to the abrupt halt of the de-localization program to make way for re-localization.

“The practice of politicians publicly distributing employment letters on behalf of the teachers’ employer is a troubling trend that could undermine transparency and fairness in the education sector,” he expressed.

He expressed the view that numerous overlapping policies have resulted in confusion, emphasizing the importance of policy harmonization to ensure the effective administration of education.

Furthermore, Dr. Nyikal called for the provision of sufficient infrastructure in educational institutions and urged the government to establish clear guidelines for fee payments in public universities.

He advocated for fair treatment of teachers in line with other public service workers and emphasized the need for teacher involvement in policy-making.

Dr. Nyikal also raised concerns about the complexity of identifying teachers’ unions, emphasizing the importance of resolving such issues before deducting union fees.

He attributed the exploitation of teachers by medical insurance companies to pre-authorization practices, urging educators to stay informed about forthcoming policies that affect them.

By Fredrick Odiero

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